Alexandra is a Glasgow-based dance photographer who specializes in powder and smoke photography sessions alongside headshots, portfolios, and events.
Dance and photography have always been two considerable passions in Alexandra’s life. From a young age, she has always participated in dance classes, which led to her completing her HNC in professional stage dance. Now, she dances with the Scottish Rockettes at the Glasgow Rocks basketball games every weekend.

Alongside Alexandra’s dance life, her passion for photography grew when she attended a photography night course which developed into attending college and later university where Alexandra achieved her BA(Hons) in Photography. She has always had a keen eye for capturing the unique moments that sometimes others would miss and her passion for color is what makes her photography stand out from the crowd. Her understanding of a dancer’s movement combined with her sharp eye for detail enables Alexandra to capture dancers at the peak of their movement ensuring the best technique while illustrating personality and uniqueness.